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Bringing Peace and Purpose
into Your Living Space

We Have a Full Circle Offering Helping You to Consciously Declutter

Our services are designed to help you mindfully purge your home so you can live in a space that you carefully curate with your deepest desires and purpose as the compass. All items will be rehomed through various methods to ensure they will be received by someone who will love and cherish them. 

Our Services

Rehoming Methods 

Conscious Decluttering to Ensure Items are Properly Rehomed

With Organista Home, you can be certain that no items will be just tossed into bins with no idea where they've gone, never to be seen again. Rehoming is an integral part of our process, not simply an afterthought. We take extreme pride in helping you assess your items so you can release what no longer serves a purpose for you with love.


During this assessment process, we will first determine if any of the items can be purchased for resale by an antique dealer or reseller. If so, we will arrange for a consultation. We will organize the excess and determine what can be donated and what is no longer usable. We ensure that all of these items are properly disposed of and not simply thrown away into the trash. For the donatable items, we use a variety of methods to get them into the hands and homes of people who need them most. We utilize a community giving portal, offering items for free to community members. We also work with a variety of nonprofits and organizations to identify what they need the most and match items accordingly. 

“Using Organista Home's services will not only make your place look more spacious and clean, you will also be left with a feeling of having done something really great for other people, too - and greening the planet!"

Kirsten Wayside, NJ

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