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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do We Begin?

First things first, read through our website so you have a good understanding of who we are, what we offer, and what we charge for general services. Then, contact us to set up a call to discuss your space. From there, we may ask for photos, we may do a video call, or we may set up a site visit to set up a plan of action! 


How Does It Work?

Organista Home uses a proven 5-step method that works for almost all our clients. Creating a concierge-like service, your work is minimal! In most cases, you'll just need to approve or deny the things that are going to be disposed or rehomed. We do all the moving, shuffling, lifting, and arranging.


How Much Time Will It Take?

There are several factors that determine the time we need for your space. In some cases, we have just completed a closet in one three-hour session and in others we completed an entire room! There are many variables, and when you are ready, we ensure that the process goes smoothly!


What If I Don't Know Where to Begin?

No worries at all! That is what Organista Home is here for, to guide you with our experience and expertise. Some clients know exactly where they want or need to begin while others are unsure. We ask for a quick guided home tour and figure out a strategy together to move forward.


What Makes Organista Home Different from Other Home Organizers?

We can't speak for others, but we can speak for ourselves! We have worked in spaces of every size, some filled to the brim with belongings and others just needing a little refresh. One thing is for sure, we are compassionate, and we understand how important your belongings may be to you. We know the value of living a beautifully minimalistic life and want that lightness and peace for you. We take extra care to rehome and dispose of all belongings that no longer serve a purpose for you.


What Do I Need to Purchase or Prepare So I'm Ready for Organista Home?

The answer is nothing! We provide whatever is needed for disposing items and rehoming them. We do our best to use what is in the home already so as not to add expense or clutter with unnecessary 'organization' systems. Of course, if there is something we think you may need, at the end of the session we will recommend it to you! 


How Many Organista Home Team Members Will I Need?

In most cases just one team member is needed. Depending on the quantity, size, and location of the area additional team members may be suggested. If you are looking for a quicker turn-around, additional support may be recommended as well.


How Far Does Organista Home Travel?

Organista Home covers a thirty-mile radius of 07757. If you are further, additional travel fees will be assessed.

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